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Svartvit + Slakkengang
Split 7"

Songs That Your Mother Shouldn't Hear

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This section includes the bands that can or will be found in our distro section.

We also highlight the artists  who's artwork we've released.

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Date of Release


Cat. Numb.

The Fifth Alliance

Death Poems

12" vinyl



(huge co-release)

G E W O O N      F U C K I N G     RA GGEN


12" vinyl

After Christmas

A human life



Mommy Shoots A Reindeer

12" vinyl




Join  Us  In  Creating    Excellence







Songs That Your Mother Shouldn't Hear





Svartvit / Slakkengang

Svartvit/Slakkengang Split 7"

7" vinyl




Death Poems

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Independent Record Label For Independent Music
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Independent Record Label For Independ Music

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SSS Announcement

2014 Houseshow

After the successful release of Join Us In Creating Excellence's EP
"Indestructible" at Stroomhuis supported by Walden and Kieteldood we've
been very busy preparing for our first festival, GRIJS GEBIED, the 14th of
November at Hall of Fame in Tilburg.
Two stages: Yin and Yang, two DJs:
DJ STOEPRAND and DJ Grijs Gebeat,
ten bands: The Fifth Alliance
(Doom / Sludge), GEWOON FUCKING RAGGEN (Hardcore Punk),
Svartvit (Harsh Noise), Slakkengang (Post-black Metal), TSAR BOMPA
(Stoner Disko), UDARNIK (Noise Rock), Aidan (Folk), YOCH (electronic)

Bouke v. Laarhoven & Kartel [solo] (Dutch folk) and Öhne Umlaut
(80's Disco-ish), a photo expo by
three music photographers joining forces
(Lauren Raaijmakers, Lisa Slijk and Justin van Groenendaal) and
dumpster-dived food by DeNijmeegseStadsNomaden. For all the info
contact us or go to the Facebook Event page by clicking on this poster ---->

Grijs Gebied

Poster by Joch Jansz
and video by Lauren.

Haatbaard and more!

Soon we have more exciting news, such us the newest musical addition to our collective:
Haatbaard from Breda! Until we're back from Grijs Gebied to tell you all you need to know, check out Haatbaard's Bandcamp.

Indestructible Out Now!

Join Us In Creating Excellence's EP 'Indestructible' can be ordered now!
The release of this experimental progressive piece of excellence will be on the second of October in Eindhoven. We'll be returning to the most awesome Stroomhuis for a second time, this time with two young bands as support acts; Kieteldood and Walden.

A lot of people were involved in the making of this EP, including photographer David van Haeren, producer Niek Manders, multi-disciplinary designer Stijn Stumpel and artist Elja Maria Kriebel. Special thanks to all the parties involved, we're more than proud of the result!

New Hands To Shake: Udarnik

To discomfort you, we bring you: Udarnik, a productive noiserock collective from Nijmegen Holland. It resists, kicks and screams full of hope. Deeply rooted in the underground it reaches the surface with militant rhythms and guitar- driven noises. Debut album ‘Mommy Shoots A Reindeer’ (2013) 9 songs, 40 minutes of spicy, brainfuckers. Out on mini flagship Udarny Phonographik Kollektiv. Available on vinyl and as download. In 2015 new songs were recorded but got lost. Two songs were saved and put online as ‘point blank range EP’.


Live shows included sharing the stage with Screaming females, Nomeansno, Raketkanon, Cheap Drugs, Madensuyu, Oozing wound, Pop.1280 and Tweakbird…
More information and contact: Reviews: Tubing:

Second Release Party TSAR BOMPA

TSAR BOMPA's first release show in May set the bar for the second one. As usual, the five handsome fellas did not disappoint! Introducing their new song "Diskoteka" - and Lars Anthonissen as lead vocalist instead of bassist for this Russian party song- they left their mark loud and proud at Hall of Fame in Tilburg!
See footage of "Diskoteka" and read the (Dutch) review of TSAR BOMPA's release show in Hall of Fame, with support from The Gooch and Beroerte!

Something Juicy...

Join Us In Creating Excellence (J.U.I.C.E.) dove into the studio with Niek Manders and recorded a progressive masterpiece that will be released later this summer in collaboration with Monomentum Collective. We are looking forward to the release of this EP a lot. With Niek in charge of the production, the artwork in hands of the right people and the band at the top of their game; this is going to be a special release for us!

Picture of the crime scene below;


"Songs That Your Mother Shouldn't Hear" is the debute EP of one of our favourites; TSAR BOMPA. Performing or not performing, these five cuties are always the life of any party. Of course they shine best when on stage, or jumping off stage, or jumping back on stage... Read the Dutch review by 3voor12 below about release party number one in Eindhoven at one of the coolest places around: Stroomhuis. On the 12th of june a second release party is coming up at the Hall of Fame in Tilburg. Order the EP for only 5 euros by contacting us!


The hardcore punk trio from Rotterdam, GEWOON FUCKING RAGGEN, have released some musical violence in the best sense possible during the past four years. Now together with Smithsfoodgroup DIY and Vleesklak Records we're co-releasing they're upcoming 12" " Bruja"! Listen to the first track in the video below!

Aidan at Van Abbemuseum
& a lot of other places too!

Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven has a little secret room where a little secret show took about 20 lucky guests by surprise at the last Young Art Night. Aidan played an intimate set that was nothing short of complete magic. Compilation video by Bas Dreissen can be seen below.

Aidan will be releasing a 7" later this summer in collaboration with us and we're absolutely proud to share his music with the world. As one of the winners for Proud Of The South he will be playing all the big venues in the south of The Netherlands. Visit his facebook page for more information.

Svartvit + Slakkengang Split 7":
Unleash the Beast!

The moment is finally there; our first official release is now a fact!

All records are hand-numbered and for sale (including sticker and plastic sleeve) for ONLY €5,-. We have a limited edition offer with green vinyl, the others are all black. Within the limited edition there are also a couple of randomly placed dark green ones, so try your chances!

Copies can be bought via personal messages to our
Facebook page or by otherwise contacting us. Read the (Dutch) 3Voor12 review about our first release show in the link below!

Two to be watched; Yoch and Aidan

We are happy to announce that a future release is planned with fresh producer YOCH, who combines piano playing and ambient electronics into a technologically insightful and musically delightful treat. YOCH is a project still in its starting phase, but the talented Joch Jansz who is the brain behind this musical experiment is one to keep in mind!

Also young singer-songwriter Aidan is planning for his next release with new material to be in collaboration with Monomentum Collective. His melancholic folk songs are coloured with heavy words accompanied by crafty guitar strumming ánd slapping. Left and right people are noticing and appreciating this hard working musician, so absolutely keep an eye out for him as well!

Interview with 3voor12

Wouter de Waal, writer for 3voor12, was so kind to take the time to interview Slakkengang and Monomentum Collective about our collaboration and the plans of the two headed monster that is Slakkengang in 2015.
To read the article click on the link below!

Slakkengang is well on its way!

On the 19th of March Tim and JVB (a.k.a. Slakkengang) got together with Galg's Omar Kleiss at the Onderbroek in Nijmegen.
With Omar as producer, they headed down to the Onderbroek's basement and embraced their love for total destruction.
Especially their mutual love of destroying Joost his vocal cords, guitar strings and everybody's eardrums was celebrated.
They recorded 8 nerve-wrecking masterpieces that will be released as a split 7" together with Kevin Jansen's harsh noise project Svarvit. We are proud to announce that the artwork for the record will be done by the phenomenal Ruben Mols.

Everything about this release makes us want to scream out our lungs JVB-style!
Until the exact release dates are clear you can feast your ears on these two new songs that will be featured on the 7":

Other links:

Previous works of Ruben Mols

Slakkengang logo and Generaal Mus EP

This drawing is ALL single dots, no lines!

Monomentum: The "show &
don't tell" show

On 4-5-2014  we hosted a secret house show for Join Us In Creating Excellence and Young and Damaged in Momomentum's own bedroom/office.  It was raw, loud, intimate and way too hot inside. Seen the space needed and the space provided, it seemed unlikely that we would pull it all off. Even if everyone and everything would fit (which it did), we were curious as to when the police would show up. Well, they didn't and everything went according to rock 'n roll fairytale mode!

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About Us

Monomentum Collective is an independent record label.

This means that we avoid financial support and the expectations of major labels/external parties. We are proud and active members of the DIY-scene, taking matters into own hands as much as possible.


At Monomentum we have a passion for anything cult, obscure and/or experimental. If it's underground, we're more than happy to dig it up for you. In collaboration with our distribution point and the artists themselves we bring the experience of experimental music straight to the alternative music lover.

As far as our ambitions reach, our only real goal is to help artists that inspire us personally and support their art. We aspire to be the crossing point centered at a platform filled with inspiration by and for inspiring people. Monomentum Collective is a platform for shared interests, which we lovingly share with all of you!

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